Wirebonder (US / WW)
F&K Delvotec 5430
Wire bonder
Wire bonding
F&K Delvotec Bondtechnik GmbH
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Wedge-wedge bonding with Al, Au, Cu, Ag bonding wires

  • Processing of aluminum and gold wires, d=(17.5…75) µm
  • Bonding programs: manually, semi-automatic, automatic, multi-wire, step mode
  • Loop forms: rectangel, single & double reverse, stitch
  • Programable bond parameters:
    • Ultrasonic power, f=100 kHz (high, low) P=(0…5) W
    • Bonding force, F=(15…150) cN
    • Bonding time
  • Working area bonding head
    • Y-axis 50 mm, Z-axis 50 mm, 2.5 µm resolution
    • Working space in height 136 mm
    • X/Y manipulator 5x5 mm up to 18x18 mm
  • Different specimen holder available
    • Specimen holder with mechanical fixing of the substrate
    • Specimen holder with vacuum supply
Schumann, Frank
T: (0351) 463 36408
WHB 131

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