Mask Aligner
EVG 640
Mask Aligner
EV Group

Photolithographie-Anwendungen in den Bereichen Advanced-Packaging, 3D-Packaging, MEMS, Interposer-Technologien, Fotovoltaik, Nanotechnologie und Wafer- und Board-Level-Optik

  • Manual wafer load mask aligner
  • Top Side Alignment (TSA), 10x microscope objectives
  • Capable of Hard, Soft, Vacuum and Proximity Contact
  • X, Y, Theta alignment with motorized linear stages
  • Separation alignment: 5-400 µm (1 µm step)
  • 3 point wedge compensation
  • Configured for 8"/200 mm wafers (8"/200 mm wafer chuck)
  • Maskholder: 5"x5", 9"x9" (with round and rectangular opening) and transparent (glass) holder for foil masks
  • 1000 W Lamp House (16 mW/cm2 @ 356 nm)
  • Vibration Isolation Table (built into system)
Nieweglowski, Krzysztof, Dr.-Ing.
T: (0351) 463 35291
WHB 157

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