Grinding and polishing system
Polishing machine
Grinding machine
Grinding / Polishing
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Mechanical preparation of metallographic specimen. Abrasion of material from specimen surface using grinding particels with decreasing grain size, until expected surface quality is reached.

  • egraPol 35
    • Rotary table for wet grinding with SiC paper of grain sizes P80 to P4000 (FEPA)
    • MD table for usage of MD and MP polishing cloths
    • Rotary table and MD table d=300 mm
    • Preparations menu: grinding (manually), polishing (automatically, manually)
    • Rotation speed v=(40…600) upm
    • Applying water (automatically, manually)
    • Preparation duration adjustabler, t=(5…3600) s
  • TegraForce 5
    • Polishing of surfaces using diamond od oxide polishing suspension with particle sizes 16 µm down to 0,05 µm
    • Rotation direction (left or right)
    • Force, F=(10…1000) N
    • Force depending on time (10 U/Min, 5 N)
    • Specimen mover for up to ten specimen at same time
Geppert, Luise
T: (0351) 463 33468

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