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Curing and sintering of ceramic materials

  • Temperature range: 250-1100 °C (below 250°C temperature only can be adjusted imprecisely)
  • Max. heating rate: 50 K/min
  • Max. cooling rate (above 500°C): 50 K/min
  • Max. substrat size: 200x270 mm²
  • Available atmospheres: air, nitrogen (both with 0-10 or 10-50 slm)
  • Accessories:
    • Planar substrate holder 200x200 mm²
    • Magazine for 10 substrates 204x204 mm²
    • Al2O3 setter plates 202x270 mm² (thickness 1mm; used to insert LTCC laminates smaller substrates into the 10x magazine)
    • High voltage bushing 7,5 kV (via exhaust)
    • 5 thermocouples to determine temperature distribution in the furnace
Luniak, Marco, Dr.-Ing.
T: (0351) 463 32478
WHB 161a

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