How to use the facilities of WHZ?

You are interested in using the technological and diagnostical facilities of WHZ?

We, the participating professors, want to contribute our equipment and know-how to be used mutual, across professorships, interdisciplinary and for external users too to generate synergetic effects.

Basic information about available quipment and technologies can be found in the "Technologies" area.

Which options do you have?

1. Autonomous use of equipment

Use particular equipment by your own after having been briefed by the equipment responsible person. You will get access and you can reserve time slots depending on the availabilityof the equipment simply by using our resource booking system.

2. Technological service

You want to have processed a particular technological step, a measurmenet task, an analysis or another investigation. You can use the experience of operators and technicians of WHZ.

3. Scientific service

You have a technological or diagnostical topic with not yet clearly definded way to be solved. Discuss together with experts of WHZ possible realisations and based on this determine the concrete procedure.

4. Scientific investigation

There is a scientific problem with a widely unclear solution. Define together with experts of WHZ a project to investigate that complex issue, identify the experiments, the schedule and the evaluation of the experimental results. Make your conclusions again together with those experts.